Advertising structures - approval

General information

The permit for the construction, installation, modification and operation of advertising structures, instructions and announcements is granted by the district administration or the magistrate through notification. The conditions for nature conservancy will be examined by an expert.




In applications for the granting of permits or exceptions one has to declare the type, location, extent and use of the undertaking as well as attach the documents necessary for the assessment, especially plans, descriptions, drafts, etc. in triplicate as well as a current land register extract. If the applicant is not the landowner, proof of the owner’s consent is required, except expropriation or eviction by force is possible, because of other legal regulations. Furthermore, it has to be verified that the requested permit does not contradict local or regional legally effective spatial planning programs. Afterwards, the expert tests if because of the requested undertaking:

  • The landscape,
  • Its recreational value or
  • The ecological efficacy in the concerned Habitat

Is lastingly affected and if these effects cannot be ruled out by stipulating precautions.

Responsible department

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